My name is Max Stein and I graduated in industrial design at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences in 2019.

We live in times of rapid social change. Climate change is one of the most pressing problems that we as a social collective have to face and the consequences of which are already having a noticeable impact on our everyday lives. This means not only extreme heat waves or droughts that threaten agricultural production, but also cities as our living environment, their structures and the way we live in them.

In my opinion, the role of the designer and developer involves a great deal of responsibility in this context. The ecologically, socially and economically sustainable design of products and concepts is of fundamental importance in order not to exacerbate existing problems even further, but on the contrary to make a positive contribution. We shape our environment and thus have a decisive influence on sustainable change as well as a responsibility towards the people whose lives we shape through our products. Innovative, smart technology has always fascinated me and I am convinced that by using these technologies we can have a positive influence on developments in dealing with climate change.
My constructive-problem-oriented approach in combination with an interdisciplinary and cross-system approach helped me to develop innovative solutions during my studies, which is clearly reflected in my previous work and projects. During my studies, I also discovered a fascination for working with various CAD programs, which was one of my focal points. The wide range of possibilities, which Rhino 3d in particular offers, to model everything from geometric objects to complex organic 3D freeform surfaces or solids, inspire me in particular. Already during my studies I worked for various companies as a CAD designer and was able to gain extensive experience in both the product and architecture industry. In this context, I was able to refine my technical understanding and skills in handling corresponding tools.
This development formed the basis for my diploma thesis, in which I combined my personal interest in sustainability topics with a technically sophisticated system design in order to contribute to the development of potential solutions for the problems of our time.
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